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Cult’s Mega Tulip is the joyful and adaptable furniture range for the workplace of tomorrow

Cult’s Mega Tulip is the joyful and adaptable furniture range for the workplace of tomorrow


The modern workplace is more than an office. It’s a place where people come together to collaborate, share ideas, and do exceptional work, whatever the field. To do exceptional work, first and foremost, you have to feel comfortable and at ease. 

Designed by award-winning designer Adam Goodrum for nau, the Mega Tulip range features the same organic curves and perfect proportions as its predecessor, the Fat Tulip. This flexible modular system comprises over 30 diverse elements tailored for the workplace of tomorrow.

Entirely modular, the expanded range enables even more limitless configurability. From open collaborative space to private zones for doing deep focus work, Mega Tulip adapts to suit constantly changing needs with ease. 

Inviting design with a story to tell

What separates the Mega Tulip collection from similar offerings is its distinct graphic interest and inviting residentially inspired softness. Goodrum believes that every environment is defined by the objects within it and that every piece must contribute to the aesthetic experience, through its story and its details.

The organic curves and perfect proportions of Mega Tulip evoke a sense of comfort, home and ease. Combined with the impeccable craftsmanship, quality materials and sustainability synonymous with Cult, the range is the perfect solution for businesses seeking to reimagine their workplace environment to enhance the office experience of their team. 

Designed to adapt

From an interior designer’s perspective, Mega Tulip has applications across every workplace touchpoint, from lobbies and public areas to large-scale, open plan offices and small boutique settings. Owing to its gentle, natural curves and inviting plush proportions, it is equally at home within residential environments, where a sleek, clean and contemporary aesthetic that doesn’t sacrifice comfort is desired. 

Cult understands that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Comprising independent sofas and armchairs, straight or curved segments, high-back booths, easily integrated tables, and integrated power units, Mega Tulip offers seamless, customisable design solutions to suit diverse needs. 

Not only are the needs of every business different, but the needs of each individual within a team are different too. With the Mega Tulip range, Cult has leaned into the increased awareness of different ways of working and designed a timeless, future icon that is as functional and adaptable as it is thoughtful and aesthetically appealing. 

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