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Need some quality speakers to blast those Christmas carols from? Look no further. SONOS PLAY:1 are the all-in-one smart speakers that wirelessly stream  music throughout your home from Android or Apple devices.

The speakers feature two class-D amplifiers, a tweeter and a mid-woofer to deliver spiralling highs, thundering lows, and deep, crystal clear sound at any volume.

Working together, PLAY:1 can stream the same song in separate rooms without delay or echo – or alternatively, different audio in different rooms. This means you can listen to the radio in bed while someone else streams music in the kitchen, with the ability to adjust volume independently.

If you are a fan of singing in the shower, the PLAY:1 speakers are also humidity resistant, so they will happily survive in your bathroom while you belt out all your favourite tunes.

Mix and match the PLAY:1 with any other SONOS product to create a completely wireless home audio system, or move the pair around to suit your preferences. The speakers allow you to play music from your iTunes library, streaming services, or radio stations to anywhere in your home, all easily controlled through the SONOS app.

RRP: $299

For more information, please visit: www.sonos.com

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