Lighting made locally by Volker Haug

The Melbourne based lighting designer's quirky industrial aesthetic has been embraced both in Australia and abroad, with custom orders a business speciality.

Puff Buff presents Lullaby chandelier

In designing a light that relies on air to define its form, Puff Buff rethinks the materials we use to create our built environment.

LED lighting by Marc Pascal

Delicate compositions in playful multicolour, arranged to suspend in perfect balance.

Kink AKA Andrew Southwood-Jones & Alexander Kashin

Emerging as one of the most interesting design groups of its generation, Kink is more a quirk than a crinkle in the design fabric.

Inaugural Beacon Lighting Award to be announced at VIVID

The award consists of a $5000 prize courtesy of the sponsor.

Porcelain Bear debuts new lights at designEX

The ceramic products specialist used the event to launch the Cloche, I-O-N and Pablito pendant lights.

Arik Levy’s Wireflow series for Vibia

France-based Israeli designer Arik Levy’s latest designs for Vibia (KODA Lighting) float in space like two-dimensional line drawings of pendant lamps.

Flynn Talbot‘s Primary lighting installation

Flynn Talbot‘s Primary is a three-sided wall installation that is illuminated by three LED light sources. It is named in reference to the primary colours of light, red, green and blue (RGB).

Light fittings by Marc Pascal

The new collection includes bespoke pieces with LED-powered pendants and standing lights that work on a unique ‘energy hub’ system, which offers room for more creative design.

Fine ceramic luminaires from Porcelume

Drawing on studies in Japanese ceramic techniques and specially formulated Australian clay, Porcelume founder Colin Hopkins has handcrafted a new range of fine ceramic luminaires. Text: Gillian Serisier Photos: James Broadway