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HVG Facades introduces premium wood grain range that lasts


HVG Facades introduces premium wood grain range that lasts


At last, architects and designers can specify a premium wood grain range that lasts, with HVG Facades’ ZINTL cladding using ezy HD2 technology.

To celebrate the new range, ADR reached out to the Australian premium external wall cladding company to find out more.

What is ZINTL cladding + ezy HDpowder coating system?

ZINTL aluminium cladding wood grain range uses ezy HDtechnology. ezy HD2   is the first coating method to achieve a high definition, supremely durable wood grain finish by employing an advanced powder-on-powder coating system.

Unique to the Australian market, it’s been widely used in Europe since 1997 and is particularly popular in Italy, where 80 per cent of all wood-effect coating is created with ezy HD2.

So it’s all the elegance of wood without the hassle?

ezy HD2 technology provides ZINTL aluminium cladding with an authentic-looking woodgrain finish that’s long-lasting, easy to clean and doesn’t require any of the costly, time-consuming maintenance of real wood.

Unlike timber, aluminium isn’t vulnerable to be attacked by termites, and will never warp or rot. Fully recyclable, ZINTL is also a sustainable product that’s greener, safer, and even stronger than wood.

Is it designed to weather all the elements?

ZINTL aluminium facades are powder coated in ezy HD2 and are suitable for use in coastal and tropical environments, areas exposed to high humidity, pollution, and salinity, as well as other extreme weather conditions.

ZINTL aluminium facades coated in ezy HD2 are suitable for use in coastal and tropical environments, areas exposed to high humidity, pollution, and salinity, as well as other extreme weather conditions. ezy HD2 can even be used on aluminium panels that are situated right at the water’s edge and for buildings, at any height, in all BCA classes.

The use of commercial grade powders means ZINTL enjoys superior resistance to the Australian sun’s harsh UV rays. And, what’s more, it’s highly resistant towards heat, acids, and detergents, making it an ideal finish for residential and commercial architectural applications, both internally and externally.

Can you tell us about the unique two-step application process?

The first step in the ezy HD2 coating process is the application of a super-durable powder to individual aluminium sections, which acts as a base coat. This base coat is then partially cured, allowing the grain coat to bond with the base when it undergoes final curing.

The second step involves applying another powder and using a decorative drum to achieve the grain pattern. The aluminium profile is then fully cured. This curing of the grain and base powders creates a single ultra-durable powder coated finish.

What about testing?

The ezy HD2 coating system is created using Interpon D2525 commercial grade powder. An ultra-durable powder, specifically designed for architectural applications where colour retention and film integrity are crucial, it’s the only wood effect coating to be given the Interpon 25-year gold global D2525 warranty.

The use of commercial grade powders for both the base coat and grain coat also enables ezy HD2 to meet and exceed globally recognised AAMA 2604 architectural specifications and Australian standard AS3715.

And finally, how does the ezy HD2 fit into the existing ZINTL range?

HVG Facades’ high quality ZINTL aluminium cladding system is available in a mix of natural, bold, and subtle hues, as well as a series of solid or wood grain finishes.

Fireproof and weatherproof, ZINTL cladding is fully compliant, safe and made to last. Its modern design and durability make it suitable for residential, commercial, education, sporting, and health care projects in all locations, conditions, and environments.

ZINTL cladding is also a smart choice for coastal properties and high traffic areas as it’s manufactured from high quality, corrosion resistant material that won’t oxidise over time.

Fully sustainable, ZINTL aluminium panels are 100 per cent recyclable, and the range is made right here in Australia, giving you even more peace of mind when deciding on your next facade.

For more information on ZINTL premium aluminium cladding and the ezy HD2 powder coating system or any other HVG Facades’ products, visit the HVG Facades’ website.


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