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Hang Loose by Yellow Diva

Hang Loose by Yellow Diva


The playful Hang Loose by Yellow Diva represents a contemporary push towards the casualisation of the traditional office environment. Though an object of whimsy perhaps more easily incorporated in the home setting, the sleekly designed swing seat is also being specifically marketed towards forward-thinking offices, looking to establish a sense of fun at work.

As most famously demonstrated in the offices of Google worldwide, injecting play into the workplace is a key strategy for employers in achieving greater staff retention – who could deny the appeal of accessing floors below via slide? Or of taking a well-deserved break on an in-house hammock? It is these extra elements, in addition to the expectation of ergonomically sound workstations and facilities to support flexible modes of work, that add to the overall office experience and help to support a positive work culture.

The Hang Loose chair, a contemporary descendant of the suspended bubble chairs of the 60s, would naturally be well at home in a creative office space. Beyond this, as sectors including major finance and IT increasingly turn to dynamic design to encourage creativity in the workplace, the introduction of products like the Hang Loose chair demonstrates a continued softening of the corporate office to specify furnishings that encourage a stimulating work environment.

Hang Loose by Yellow Diva is distributed through Zenith.


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