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Axolotl Art Projects


Axolotl is one of the most respected Australian companies known for innovation in building materials. It’s  bespoke glass, aged and treated metal coatings, hybrid metal/timber veneers and award-winning concretes are exemplified in architectural features both locally and internationally.

Axolotl art project1

Having maintained a strongly artistic perspective throughout it’s work, Axolotl has now launched Axolotl Art Projects (AAP), a dedicated consultancy to project manage commissioned artworks.

Axolotl art project2

AAP has been established to develop and facilitate creative projects in liaison with project managers, architects, designers, councils and artists, for any scale and application. It offers services in a range of areas, including concept design, artist selection and fabrication.

Axolotl art project3

Axolotl art project5

Mulgoa birds

Axolotl art project6

Axolotl art project7



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