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202020 Vision has a clear view to a greener future

202020 Vision has a clear view to a greener future


Above image: Lucky Business / Shutterstock

After a successful launch this month in Adelaide’s Botanic Gardens, the first ever Growing the Seeds tour is on the road, heading to our major cities with a view to creating greener, healthier urban environments.

The initiative by 202020 Vision is an environmental call to arms, inviting green space experts, urban designers, architects, government representatives and academics to come together in a series of open forums and targeted discussions.

In keeping with its revolutionary spirit, Growing the Seeds is the first event in Australia aiming to crowdsource a national action plan, drawing on a diverse collaborative database of community groups and industry professionals. 202020 Vision is a national campaign with aims to address and resolve logistical, financial and bureaucratic barriers hindering its mission: to introduce 20% more urban green space by 2020.

Growing the Seeds will look at key issues under the headings of Climate and Environment, Funding and Investment, Knowledge and Skills, Policy and Planning and Culture and Community. The tour will gather research, expert opinion and evidence from existing green project models, producing 20 ‘pathways’ of realistic solutions. Growing the Seeds presents a rare opportunity to gain insight, be heard and contribute to a national movement towards achieving a greener future.

Upcoming dates:

Sydney – 13th November 2014

Perth – 18th Novermber 2014

Brisbane – 24th November 2014

Melbourne – 3rd December 2014

For further information about the tour, visit 202020vision.com.au


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