In conversation with Nik Karalis – IDEA 2015 Gold Medal winner

Nov 23, 2015
  • Article by Online Editor

Taking home the IDEA 2015 Gold Medal this year is Nik Karalis, CEO of Woods Bagot. With a background in interior design, architect Karalis has contributed prolifically to the company’s portfolio and culture during his twenty-two years with Woods Bagot. His work ranges from master planning to civic and commercial buildings and intimate interiors.

In this clip, filmed especially for IDEA 2015 by Futureinform, the inspiring Karalis discusses the milestones in his path towards becoming CEO at Woods Bagot, and gives a candid insight into his stellar career.

Stay tuned for a full interview with Karalis by editor Jan Henderson in the next issue of (inside) Interior Design Review – 89.

NIC004_IDEA2015_Final_REVISED from Australian Design Review on Vimeo.

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25 Nov 15 at 5:21 PM • B

Memorable interaction from my time at WB.
Me dressed up wearing formal suit/trousers, Nik wearing old looking (probably designer)well worn cargo pants and a pink polo shirt)…
Nik: you’re dressed up?
Me: Yes, I’ve got a big meeting this afternoon
Nik: Yeah, so do I (laughs)
(We’re going to the same meeting with Grocon & BHP (ie: big hitters))

Huge amount of respect for Nik, he’s spend time in the trenches doing actual ‘hands-on’ work in the past so has an understanding of the reality of what we architects/interior designers put on paper.


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