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Win an AR subscription!

Win an AR subscription!


AR winners are grinners! ADR’s latest competition will give five lucky winners the chance to discover the joys of Architectural Review’s new digital platform.

Each of the 20 winners will pick up a 12-month subscription worth $30 each. The competition opens on Wednesday 6 July and closes on Wednesday 13 July. The winners will be drawn on Monday 18 July.

Earlier this year, Architectural Review, Australia’s long-running, independently published architecture magazine, underwent its most seismic change since its move to focus on the business side of the industry five years ago. Going digital has given the masthead so many new opportunities and advantages, including the big three:

Capability – the physical pages of a magazine are finite and only allow a certain number of words, images and other content. AR often features projects and articles that come with a whole gallery of images or other collateral that can now also be shared – all the photographs and plans of a project or video tours and interviews. And of course readers are never forced to access all the new material. Time-poor readers can pick and choose the most relevant or interesting content and click straight to it. Every time.

Connectivity – with features like the ‘ask the editor’ button, an open two-way dialogue is also only a click away. Sure, it’s been a long time since letters to the editor entailed writing a note, stamping the envelope and trying to catch the last post, but a single click is even more intuitive and immediate than seeking out the email addresses of anyone you may like to contact. Plus, when readers see products or services of interest, they can connect to suppliers directly, get more information about them or request samples, for example.

Sustainability – we all know that our planet is drowning in waste materials and chopping down forests at an utterly unsustainable rate. AR going digital is at least doing something to address the issue. Yes, there are the resources needed to produce the electricity and materials that create and power our devices, but until the magazine can be downloaded directly to readers’ brains that will have to be a problem for another day…

In the current issue, AR profiles the one and only Michael Bialek, the sole initial of SJB still with the practice today. Also featured is a look at the rise of employee-led practices. Catching on fast overseas, will it do the same in Australia? Plus there’s the usual emerging practice article and a double whammy on mental health, with a piece about the spirit-enriching new Healing Garden at the Heide Gallery in Melbourne and an article from Marie-Claire Ross on how leaders can foster trust in times of doubt and anxiety. And don’t miss the second part of the ACA’s deep dive into fee-setting…

To enter the competition and be in with a chance to win your 12-month AR subscription, simply enter your details in the form above. Or, to subscribe to Architectural Review, click here.

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