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MSDx 2019 mid-year exhibition


Visit MSDx for a glimpse of future innovations in the built environment. The Melbourne School of Design, as the graduate school of the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne, is tasked with guiding and activating future generations of built environment professionals. It provides an educational platform for young minds who will one day create and influence Australian design. The biannual MSDx takes the general public on a journey of discovery in built environment innovations, providing an insight into the bright future of the industry.

From Thursday 20 June to Friday 5 July, the Melbourne School of Design will transform into a visually stunning multi-floor gallery showcasing the innovative ideas and  studio work from future influencers of design throughout Australia and the world. The exhibition includes projects that are the culmination of years of commitment and dedication by graduating students, among a wide range of work from both undergraduate and Masters-level students. Work produced through more than 60 design studios in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, graphic design and performance design will feature in the exhibition, providing visitors with an insight into the direction of the industry’s next generation.

A hallmark of today’s university students is their determination to shape a brighter future for generations of Australians as they experience significant shifts in the common social, cultural and environmental climate. The MSDx truly highlights the quality and diversity of educational output being created by the Melbourne School of Design. The exhibition will showcase studio works ranging from highly speculative propositions to more practice-oriented efforts, from small design interventions to large urban proposals and beyond. “We are framing design not simply as a collection of professions, disciplines or techniques, but as a vantage on the world from which things can be seen and achieved,” says Professor Alan Pert, director of the Melbourne School of Design.

“Our studios frame problems and test solutions from different perspectives, and they are as much about the complex systems of the city as they will be about resolving things at a building scale and a human scale. Our end-of-semester exhibitions represent an explicit critique of the Melbourne context, seen through the lens of over 80 studios (architecture, landscape, planning and urban design).”

MSDx is an opportunity for the general public, for industry and for students to come together to view and gain insights into the evolving work of the next generation of design thinkers and practitioners.


Opening: Thursday 20 June, 6pm

Exhibition dates: 21 June – 5 July 2019

Melbourne School of Design building

University of Melbourne

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm.


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