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Introducing the Lan collection

Introducing the Lan collection


Following a two year design and concept collaboration between Iratzoki & Lizaso and French furniture brand Alki, the Lan collection was presented at this year’s Salone del Mobile.

Seeking to create a new approach to the design of office chairs, Alki’s vision was to comply with the ergonomic requirements of the office chair, while bringing a sense of warmth and emotion that encapsulates the Alki brand.

“We noticed that more and more people around us had less and less interest in office chairs. The aesthetic codes for these chairs more closely resemble an ‘orthopaedic’ tool than a cherished work companion,” explains Jean Louis Iratzoki, co-founder of Iratzoki & Lizaso studio.

“Moreover, most of the adjustment devices are only used very rarely. On top of that, office chairs frequently change users, so it seemed an interesting idea to get rid of their superfluous functions.”

The brand’s signature material is a standout in this elegant and refined design. With its curved form, the meticulously crafted chair is balanced with soft upholstery which hugs the exterior and interior of the shell.

The Lan is just as considered in its functionally, as the overall design intent. With its inconspicuous composition, the tiling mechanism is visually hidden, enabling the user to self adjust the seat, lock the backrest in three tilt positions and automatically tailor the backrest tension by the weight of the user.

“In contrast to the classic office chair with its aggregate architecture, Lan is a compact and welcoming chair with integrated elements. So, we have shifted from a sort of machine to an appealing object,” adds Iratzoki.

The Lan collection satisfies various office chair functions with three backrest heights for the rotating models. A low-back visitor’s chair with four wooden legs is currently in prototyping and will be available early next year.

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