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Design Nation: a look into leading brands

Design Nation: a look into leading brands


As Design Nation, formerly Cafe Culture + Insitu, continues to celebrate its 20-year history, we look into its curated collection of both local and international brands and the leading designers behind some of these memorable pieces. Each and every piece in the Design Nation portfolio offers a special connection. Whether that be personal, story-based, or even an aesthetic that speaks to the head and the heart.


Billiani, a long-standing brand in the Design Nation assortment is a family company based in Manzano, Italy. Handed down through generations, Billiani’s strong family ethos and passion for craftsmanship and details are what have stayed true to Design Nation’s DNA over the years. Collaborating with renowned international designers, Emilio Nanni, Werther Toffoloni and Fabrizio Gallinaro are some of the creatives behind the Doll, Croissant, Gradisca and W series.

DNA_Billiani_Doll (20)


Founded in Wolfratshausen near Munich in 1990, Zeitraum was the first manufacturer in the premium furniture sector to emphasise the combination of ecology and design. Their core expertise is their decades of experience in working with untreated solid wood. Modern, minimalist design vocabulary and a sustainable design approach together with selected designers, Zeitraum creates high-quality furniture suitable across a range of applications. Their philosophy closely resonates with Design Nations dNA, proudly representing the design work of Kihyun Kim, Brigit Gammerler + Peter Gaebellein and Formstelle, who present the 1:3, Cena and Friday series which are iconic to the Zeitraum brand.

DNA_Zeitraum_Friday_1_Seater (9)


Another brand which is highlighted by their generational strength is HUSSL. Founded in 1976 HUSSL has been passed down the family line with a focus to manufacture wooden seating and tables. From decades of experience with solid wood and collaborations with select designers, HUSSL manufactures products which are contemporary and sustainable for quality minded end users.


The history of Plank began in 1893 with the basic objective has always been the investigation and intensive research for technological possibilities connected to design. In recent years, the Italian company has placed at the centre of its work a strong connection with research, sustainability and design, collaborating with renowned designers such as Konstantin Grcic, Naoto Fukasawa, Björn Dahlström, Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, Biagio Cisotti and Sandra Laube.


Further more south, Punt (formally Puntmobles), founded in Valencia in 1980, has continually produced contemporary furniture worthy of inclusion in some of the most renowned design collections in the world. A point is the beginning of a line. Punt means point. A line is a series of points following a certain direction through space. That is Punt. The points from Punt that go to make up their collection are practically infinite and are realised by leading designers including Monica Armani, Borja Garcia Studio and Vincent Martinez.

DNA_Punt_Literatura_Classic (12)


On a local level one of Australia’s most inventive furniture designers, Melbourne-based Ross Didier is guided by the founding principle that his products must be innovative, intriguing and functional. Since founding his studio in 2000, Ross has successfully launched more than 25 ranges into local and international markets. Didier’s work is underpinned by a strong philosophy that manufacturing, ideas and design are interwoven – an approach to designing he refers to as engineered art and that has lead him to leadership and upmost respect within the Australian design communication.

Each of the Design Nation brands and their products are designed to move and inspire. They elicit a sense of familiarity or nostalgia. They offer a special and lasting connection, and carry an innate intelligence and functionality that transcends time, place and application.


Find out more about Design Nation here.


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