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Haymes explores the world around us with new Calibrate colour library

Haymes explores the world around us with new Calibrate colour library


Haymes has released its latest colour library. Volume 13 is called Calibrate and delves deeper into the colour palettes that represent sentiments happening in and around us.

Calibrate Colour Library

The new Calibrate colour library invites us to bring a positive way of looking at things, encouraging fresh perspectives that are well thought through and keep the end result in mind.

In doing this, we can bring about an alignment with the things most important to us personally, and then reflect this in our homes and clients’ homes to enhance our way of living in balance with the things we hold dearest.

Calibrate Colour Library

Calibrate Colour Library

Have you ever wanted to stop and smell the roses? With a global state of change socially, environmentally and technologically, we need to feel empowered to stop and do just that.

The Calibrate Colour Library explores and embraces change in a positive way. By taking a moment to pause, we can reflect on our approach to how we live our lives, positioning ourselves at an exciting time to embrace change and drive innovation positively and powerfully.

By recognising what is important to us personally, it can inform our design approach on many levels, creating spaces through thoughtful design in an emotionally connected way.

Calibrate asks us to refocus, and suggests ideas that not only offer practical solutions in design, but look at new and innovative ways to incorporate design decisions that feel and look good and contribute to the world around us. 

For more information, email colour@haymespaint.com.au or visit haymespaint.com.au

Photography courtesy of Haymes.

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