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Dolce Stil Novo: Passion Meets Precision in SMEG’S Finest Collection Ever!


Dolce Stil Novo: Passion Meets Precision in SMEG’S Finest Collection Ever!


The pinnacle of Italian design has been achieved with one of the country’s most lauded architects, in collaboration with Smeg, having crossed the great divide between kitchen appliance and furniture with a sublime, luxurious collection called Dolce Stil Novo.

Guido Canali and Smeg have seamlessly integrated passion and precision with ground-breaking technology to create one of the world’s most sophisticated and comprehensive appliance collections. The user experience is enhanced while home entertaining is taken to restaurant-quality perfection.


Dolce Stil Novo, meaning ‘Sweet New Style’, is a complex collection of advanced appliances featuring minimalist styling in black Eclipse glass with refined copper or stainless steel detailing. The look is one of uninterrupted lines, precision craftsmanship and elegance – bringing to life a true culinary masterpiece.

While creating a new level of craftsmanship in both technology and design, Smeg has also delivered the most comprehensive range of appliances available today – each with exactly the same design aesthetic and in perfect alignment with each other. The Dolce Stil Novo collection includes 60cm Thermoseal and Thermoseal Plus ovens; 45cm combi steam and speed compact ovens; 45cm blast chiller, wine cellar, coffee machine with sommelier, vacuum, warming and storage drawers; blade flame gas, induction and combi fuel cooktops; and an underbench wine cellar.


Key features of Dolce Stil Novo are numerous but one of its world-first technological achievements is the gas cooktop’s blade flame – a continuous ring of vertical flame that guarantees maximum heat transfer with reduced heat dispersion. This increases efficiency by at least 20 per cent when compared to standard burners.

The Thermoseal Plus pyrolytic oven, with steam assist, uses the same cooking techniques as professional chefs while the unique blast chiller delivers the most sophisticated storage and preservation technology as well as defrosting, proving, reheating and temperature holding.


Dolce Stil Novo’s signature Eclipse black glass oven doors are integral to the sheer beauty of the collection – the black opaque

glass delivers complete harmony with other appliances when not in use, but will then become clear when oven is turned on.

Dolce Stil Novo, by Smeg, has already received three of the most influential international awards – Good Design® by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design; the iF Design Award; and the Red Dot Design Award.

Go to smeg.com.au for more details.


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