Discover the range of flush door hardware from Halliday + Baillie

Oct 6, 2020
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Proudly designed and made in New Zealand, Halliday + Baillie has long been synonymous with timeless flush pull design. 

They offer a full range of flush pull door hardware including a collection of flush pulls, end pulls, and locking sets for cavity sliders as well as pivot and swing doors.

They understand that one size of flush pull simply doesn’t fit all doors, so their collection of flush pulls goes from the diminutive 105mm HB650 to the impressive 310mm high HB1475. 

And to complement their flush pulls, they have two sizes of end pulls for easy extraction of sliding doors from cavity pockets simply with the push of a button.

Their popular flush pull lock sets include options for both interior and exterior sliding doors, with privacy snibs for interior doors to key and snib locking sets for exterior doors. 

Most lock sets are available in a variety of flush pull sizes (170mm, 250mm, or 310mm high), and in a range of finishes.

Also designed for pivot or swing doors with a deeper asymmetric grip, their 250mm and 310mm high flush pulls provide finger space to pull for hinge, pivot and bi-fold doors, or for when you need that extra bit of pulling power on doors.

Door handles are touched a thousand times a day, so Halliday + Baillie use only the best materials and finishes.

They have created a range of architectural hardware that not only looks good but also feels great to use.

For more information about Halliday + Baillie’s range of flush door hardware visit

Halliday + Baillie is a New Zealand company that has been operating for 24 years, and exporting hardware worldwide for over a decade. 

It offers architectural hardware proudly designed and made in New Zealand by its trusted manufacturing partners ​for the global design community. 

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