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An expression of quality and the pinnacle of food preservation by Fhiaba

An expression of quality and the pinnacle of food preservation by Fhiaba


Fhiaba’s elegant range of food preservation solutions facilitates the necessities of high-quality food and wine storage while exuding style and luxury.

For over 40 years, Fhiaba has been perfecting the design of its appliance to create the best refrigeration solutions.

The only brand in the world with technology capable of managing three independent climate zones, Fhiaba’s products are handcrafted in Italy to provide unrivalled, high-quality food storage.

Fhiaba’s appliances are distinct for the stunning finishes, smooth lines and world-class technology that ensures unmatched quality, performance and style.

Fhiaba’s appliances fit seamlessly into any kitchen.

The X-Pro, Classic, and Integrated refrigeration series – now available in a range of new colours – enhance and compliment any space, and make a statement with luxurious aesthetics and functionality.

Available in the standard high-quality stainless steel or fully integrated styles, you can choose to get the X-PRO or Classic styles in Pearl White, Pearl Silver, Gold, Satin Silver, Titanium and Copper.

Using these premium metallic finishes, Fhiaba provides you with unique customisation solutions to elevate the aesthetics of any interior.

Operationally speaking, Fhiaba’s unique technology, such as the ProVent ventilation and TriPro refrigeration, works hard to ensure ideal temperature control and maintenance all year round.

For over 40 years, Fhiaba has been perfecting the design of its appliance.

“The functional use of vibration, light and humidity sensors permit perfect wine and food preservation, never compromising on aesthetics as the fridges have been designed to fit seamlessly into any style of kitchen,” explains Fhiaba.

“Each appliance has a distinct style that creates a sense of individuality, allowing designers and customers to select and match a customised Fhiaba product for their specific space.”

With its minimalistic design, the Classic series achieves a non-intrusive and sophisticated look in any kitchen.

The Classic series features premium refrigeration and wine preservation systems with trademark tubular handles in stainless steel. They can also be colour coded to match the metallic finishes for an ultra-sleek modern style.

Fhiaba colour swatches.

The Integrated series totally conceals the product within the kitchen space, and with Fhiaba’s clever hinge design you can achieve a 1mm gap.

This provides a truly seamless design feature full of storage and technology options with the highest levels of comfort, functionality, and design unity.

Finally, the commercial-inspired X-Pro series transforms spaces into a professional style kitchen with contemporary radiance.

The range is identified by the upper ventilation grilles, and like all Fhiaba products, the interior consists wholly of stainless steel with the drawers being shot-peened (a cold work process used to finish metal preventing fatigue and stress corrosion and prolonging product life).

This results in a lightly textured finish that is easy to clean and promotes Fhiaba’s high standards of hygiene and food preservation.

“Each appliance has a distinct style that creates a sense of individuality,” says Fhiaba.

Through Italian craftsmanship in Pordenone, Italy, Fhiaba designs and manufactures only the highest quality appliances with a perfect fusion of function and style.

Fhiaba’s three distinct styles each consist of 13 models from Fridge, Freezer & Wine Cellars also in several sizes. The refrigeration range combines the four key variables of refrigeration to create and maintain perfectly balanced climates.

Using its own ProVent ventilation and TriPro refrigeration technologies, Fhiaba fridges can ensure the perfect chilling and climate control opportunities for the end-user. This is achieved thanks to sensors within the fridge that enable all food to be kept at the ideal temperature.

Its wine cellar offerings also feature this marriage of design and technology, where sleek and seamless visuals hide the customisable humidity control settings, so each bottle of wine is stored in perfect condition.

Fhiaba’s wine cellar featured in a Mount Martha home.

The four elements that can ruin an otherwise perfect bottle – temperature, humidity, light and vibrations – have been carefully catered for in the design of Fhiaba’s cellars.

You can find more information about the Fhiaba collection online and in-store exclusively at Winning Appliances nationally.

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