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Mario Ruiz’s Aire Collection


Spanish designer Mario Ruiz has released the long awaited Aire collection with Schiavello. The adaptable series brings an elegant aesthetic with versatile functions across meeting, training and working requirements.

Comprising three key pieces in the collection – Aire Fold, Aire Work Bench and Aire Meeting – all share a common unity while also allowing a mixture of customisation options through finishes, fresh colours and complementary accessories. Thoughtfully considered, Aire couples a light finish with strong performance through the use of high-quality aluminium and engineering. Work benches, meeting and foldable tables share common geometry and detail.


A driving force behind Mario’s design ethos is usefulness and functionality. This means the end product should always be reduced to its most functional execution. For the Aire collection, this has resulted in an industrial, yet refined aesthetic. As the designer himself describes the new collection,

‘[Aire] is a very comfortable and very light design which doesn’t make noise.’



The new pieces are designed around the key collaborative areas of an office where relationships and communication are vital – meetings spaces, breakout spaces and work benches. Ultimately, the Aire collection enables flexibility and collaboration.





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