Inside #95

Welcome to inside for another stellar year of design, information and excitement, as 2017 promises to be all that and more.

Mezzanine #07

This issue of MEZZANINE we celebrate and show that the adage ‘an architect never builds anything until they are 40’ is no longer true. Accordingly, we have asked our editorial advisory board to nominate those they consider to be leading the charge into the next era of Australian creativity.


My favourite quote of this issue came from Sandy Law. At very late notice, Sandy agreed to join the Brain Trust panel, which tackles the timely topic of mental health and well-being in the architecture profession. When I first began thinking about this editorial, the world was observing World Mental Health Day (10 October). By […]

MEZZANINE #6 – Road to discovery

As we break the city limits and leave the motorways behind – this issue of MEZZANINE shows that architecture and design has a true relevance in everyday life – no matter where you live. We hope you enjoy the ride. It is bloody incredible ‘out here’.

Inside #94 – Special triple issue

As the year draws to a close the last inside for 2016 is an extraordinary issue. We are bringing you not just one magazine, but two, with a broadsheet addition.

AR – The Business of Architecture 147

This is the second issue in the new look AR and the mantra ‘don’t spend more than you earn’ is at the very heart of what we’re doing with this change in direction. We realised that it’s these basic business processes that can be the areas of greatest struggle for architectural practices, so this is where you come in. If there are areas of your business you find challenging, let us know. If there are topics you think we should be covering that will aid you in your daily business chores...share them with us.

AR – The Business of Architecture 146

You’ll have no doubt noticed some profound changes to the magazine. From now on it will have a primary focus on business – with articles, interviews and opinion pieces that will help architects in the complex everyday task of running their practices.

Inside 93 – Shortlist Reveal

In keeping with the idea of a new season and things reborn, in this issue we present a two-part magazine: Part One features our usual attractions of news, products and people, while Part Two presents the IDEA 2016 shortlisted practices, projects and products.

inside #92 – 20th birthday special

This issue of inside is a very special one as it marks the 20th year of our magazine. Where did the time go? It seems like only yesterday that Kate Stewart, inside’s first editor, was introducing the inaugural issue to the architecture and design community and now, two decades later, the magazine is stronger than ever.

AR145 – Future focus and the built legacy of Zaha Hadid

AR – Future features projects and articles that suggest new ways forward for multi-residential, public space, education and the workplace. It demonstrates how our workplaces aspire to encourage healthier lifestyles and how our built environment is developing to engage communities and support our active ageing population.