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Nickolas Gurtler fashions a black and white palette for Sydney hair studio

Nickolas Gurtler fashions a black and white palette for Sydney hair studio


Located in the harbourside suburb of Double Bay, Cole Hair Studio is a high-octane space that showcases the artistry of both the hair and glamorous interior in black and white.

NGID Creative director and founder Nickolas Gurtler says he was inspired by 1990s’ interiors, fashion and architecture when creating the hair studio’s dramatic interior.

Gurtler worked closely with Cole Hair studio owner Mariah Rota to study every perspective and angle of the site to ensure the three-dimensional process of styling hair was not compromised but rather enhanced.

Cole Hair Studio provides its clients with unconventional hair salon experience.

Gurtler says this was achieved by transforming Cole Hair Studio into a house of mirrors – albeit extremely flattering ones.

“Hair is such as 360-degree experience for the customer and the hairdresser as it needs to be seen and appreciated from all angles,” Gurtler tells ADR.

“We needed to create an environment that could fully showcase the incredible hair artistry.”

With a sleek palette of chrome detailing, black leather and custom-made walnut and Italian bouclé sofas, Cole Hair Studio elevates itself beyond a conventional hair salon.

Different shades of black are showcased in the materials and finer details of the decor.

Touches of hand plastered stucco and fluted glass also express the studio’s chic personality so clients feel and look their very best while inside the space.

Gurtler says fashion inspires all his projects, setting out to “generate a feeling” while also “celebrating a notion of powerful femininity.”

In particular, Gurtler credits Tom Ford’s ’90s Gucci era, which he says encouraged him to translate a fashion “vibe” in his work through distinct stylistic choices.

Favouring pitch black designs, blocks of bold colours and sleek lines, Ford revolutionised Gucci for the contemporary fashion world when he was creative director between 1990 and 2004.

NGID utilised strong symmetrical lines throughout the space.

Gurtler says his projects also try to promote a “joyous celebration of fashion and feeling” with dramatic materials and minimal decor.

Nicholas Gurtler Interior Design is a multi-disciplinary interior design studio in Melbourne.

Photography by Timothy Kaye.

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