The Wednesday Room

Lounges from the 1960s inspire design of new bar The Wednesday Room

Feb 26, 2019
  • Article by Natalie Mortimer

Canadian architecture and interior design firm McKinley Burkart has designed an intimate and nostalgic space for The Wednesday Room, with a quirky twist. 

Described as “the lovechild of a sophisticated lounge from the 1960s and a house party at your eclectic uncle’s home”, The Wednesday Room’s design creates a laid-back yet upscale lounge atmosphere that encourages guests to linger and enjoy the space.

The Wednesday Room interiors

Walnut wall-panelling, textured plaster, mixed metals and luxurious textiles create a distinctly residential feel, accented by custom furniture, lighting pieces, and quirky found objects.

The Wednesday Room interiors

The bar is nestled in the historic Tribune Block on Stephen Avenue, Calgary and the space provided plenty of distinct design features for McKinley Burkart’s team to work with, including original stone walls, pressed tin ceilings and hardwood floors.

The Wednesday Room interiors

“The eclecticism of the space, complemented by custom art from Carvel Creative and Ben Skinner, as well as the layered textures of the design, result in a sense of nostalgia and familiarity,” says Caelan Tatz, interior designer at McKinley Burkart.

The Wednesday Room branding

“With a brand focus on hospitality, the design truly is about the people – creating a classy lounge atmosphere mixed with a laid-back, retro-vibe. Craft cocktails and secret family recipes contribute to a dynamic and flavor-forward menu that pairs perfectly with the richly layered space.”

The Wednesday Room branding

McKinley Burkart’s branding and graphics division, Little Sister, created the brand for The Wednesday Room, designing playful icons that pay homage to Stanley Kubrick films including The Shining, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Dr. Strangelove, and Lolita.

Photography by Michelle Johnson

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