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Home run: Airbnb’s hyper local approach

Jul 13, 2016
  • Article by Online Editor

Above image: Airbnb’s Singaporean office, designed by Farm, features a peach-hued staircase interior.

The ingenious alternative accommodation platform, Airbnb, connects locals with room to rent with travellers looking for a unique experience, encouraging its users to feel that they ‘Belong Anywhere’.

Translating this sentiment to the workplace environment, Airbnb’s particular brand of home-inspired style – which takes cues from actual Airbnb listings – has become a signature feature of its offices worldwide. With new offices in London, Sao Paolo and Singapore, Airbnb’s in-house Environments team, led by Aaron Taylor Harvey and Rachael Yu, has carefully crafted its playful, stitched-together aesthetic in collaboration with each city’s architects and designers.


The company’s Singapore branch was created in collaboration with Farm, a local multidisciplinary design practice. A flexible and informal meeting space is designed as a tiered amphitheatre, with the reverse serving as a neat nook.

Airbnb Singapore 4

The central staircase, perforated with concrete breezeblocks, is designed in the image of a skyscraper, a common feature of Singapore’s metropolitan skyline.

Airbnb Singapore 1

Individual booths at the Singapore office provide agile workstations and create a private enclave for mobile conversations.

Airbnb Singapore 3

Sao Paolo

The design of Airbnb’s breezy Sao Paulo office was designed in conjunction with MM18 Arquitetura.

Airbnb Sao Paolo 4

Local textile manufacturers and designers were employed to transform the space, with their work featuring on acoustic panelling as well as vibrant rugs.

Airbnb Sao Paolo 1


Airbnb worked with RIBA Award-winning Threefold Architects to shape their London headquarters, creating a dynamic contemporary fit out beneath heritage trusses.

Airbnb London

Maintaining a socially-engaged office culture is one of Airbnb’s main objectives, addressed in the London office via a central communal table.

Airbnb London 2

The importance of allowing for individual work zones is catered to at the London office via a series of ply booths.

Airbnb London 3

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