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Colour Conscience: Haymes

Sep 13, 2018
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Australian paint manufacturer and supplier Haymes has released new colour palettes that extrapolate the successful launch of their 2018 colour forecast trends.

The curated 2019 range, entitled Colour Conscience, consists of three entities – Cohabitate, Contribute and Comfort – and each pays homage to the way we live, sustainability within our environment and the need for comfort and well-being in our busy world.

Cohabitate Haymes

In Cohabitate, there are ethereal shades of lilac and soft, soft pink, alabasters, palest lemon and muted green. Comfort speaks of luscious shades of pinks and greens that are complex and deep. Contribute resonates with the earthiness of textural greys and rich blacks with undertones of browns and, although these are deep and intense, there is a textural lightness to this range.


Within Cohabitate, Contribute and Comfort, floor product has also been included that again adds texture and depth. Among the products there is the terrazzo style texture of Ultimate Seamless Flooring, Storm and the subtle woodgrain effect of Simply Woodcare Easy Floor Satin and the dark intensity of Artisan Matte Polish, Charred Earth. These days paint is not only about colour, but also textural qualities that add to the interior composition of a design.


Colour Conscience brings together sophisticated colours in three perfectly balanced palettes that will enhance and excite the passion for interior colour.

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