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New Nightingale project announced with Clarke Hopkins Clarke

New Nightingale project announced with Clarke Hopkins Clarke


Nightingale Housing has announced a license for a new project being led by ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects, Lucent Capital and Breathe Architecture (interiors).

The building will be located on the corner of Nicholson St and Miller St, in Melbourne’s Brunswick East and began its planning phase late last year.

“We’re pleased to see this project transformed using the Nightingale model. The building will include an embedded energy network, 7.5 star NatHers energy rating, active street frontage, a large garden on the first floor and a rooftop terrace,” the announcement says.

The team is currently reviewing potential sites for the structure. If you are a landowner committed to having quality housing on your site, please register your interest.


Nightingale Housing has also posted an update on the Nightingale 3 project, designed by Austin Maynard Architects and located at 209 Sydney Road, Brunswick. After months of support expressed to Moreland City Council, the building received a positive seven votes to two.

“This is a big win for sustainable housing in Australia, and we’re anticipating the project will receive a permit in a month’s time,” the group says.

“One of Austin Maynard Architects’ priorities is to reduce the amount of concrete used, which could save a massive amount of carbon, and the project team is working with XLam, a new Nightingale Housing partner, to use its state-of-the-art wood products as the building structure. Wood is a natural beautiful material, and we’re keen to see the environmental benefits of building multi-residential projects with this material.”


Austin Maynard Architects’ Nightingale 3 project. Render courtesy Austin Maynard Architects/Nightingale Housing.

Meanwhile, Nightingale 1 is currently under construction, under the hand of builders Project Group and is due for completion in October 2017.

The group reports that all apartments in the Nightingale 1 project have been sold, while Branch Studio Architects have secured one of the ground floor tenancies.

Nightingale Housing has shared an image of the project underway.

New Nightingale

A new Nightingale project, under construction. Image courtesy Nightingale Housing.


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