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Nightingale 3 calling for support


The third project underway as part of the Nightingale housing development model, Nightingale 3, needs your support. The building, designed by Austin Maynard Architects, is currently being reviewed by Moreland City Council and has seen more objections than support. But this can be changed with help from the community.

In a call-to-arms, the grass roots development group are asking for letters of support for the project to be sent to the government. Outlining why they need help, Nightingale has stated,

‘The Victorian Planning System is geared towards giving those that object to proposals the most powerful voice. While it is important to ensure that individuals and groups are able to voice their concerns, this means that those who support the proposal are not given many opportunities to articulate this to the decision makers.

Writing a letter of support gives councillors and planning staff a better understanding of the amount of support that exists for Nightingale projects and could provide them with the confidence to take the courage to make a positive decision (without fear of voter backlash).”

You can lend your voice to changing the way houses are developed in Australia by simply copying and pasting a letter and sending it through to Moreland City Council’s Statutory Planning.

Read the email from Nightingale for more information.

See the design submitted to Moreland City Council.


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