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    waf lead

    WAF 2014: Day One awards winners announced

    The Day One winners include two Australian practices – Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp (FJMT) that won the Office Award in the Completed Building category for its Liberty Place project, and Ian Moore Architects that won the House Award in the Future Projects category for its the Olive Grove project.

  • Interiors

    birchgrove house lead

    Curvy: Birchgrove House

    Offsetting the slim geometry of a Birchgrove terrace with the vertical heft and elegance of a curving stairwell, TFAD has created a home for the ages.

  • Objects


    The new Gaggenau 200 Series ovens

    The 200 series oven range consists of ovens, Combi-steam ovens and Combi-microwave ovens and is complimented with a range of microwaves, fully automatic espresso machines and warming drawers.

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    fringe furniture lead

    Fringe Furniture 2014 winners announced

    The annual Fringe Furniture exhibition displays the 2014 winning entries along with an array of designer products, including homewares, furniture and lighting.

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    the edge

    The Edge 2015 applications now open

    The Edge competition presents an exciting opportunity for a select group of emerging local lighting and furniture designers to showcase their latest works.