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Discover the range of multi-sided wood fireboxes from Cheminées Philippe

Discover the range of multi-sided wood fireboxes from Cheminées Philippe


Cheminées Philippe – A multi-sided fireplace is a functional, beautiful centrepiece that will become the social heart of your home.

Established in France over 70 years ago, Cheminées Philippe was the first company in the world to design a dual opening door fireplace. The goal? To extend the enjoyment of a beautiful cosy log fire to more than one living space.

Distributed to more than 30 countries worldwide and available in Australia for nearly four decades, Cheminées Philippe’s range of stylish multi-view fireplaces are the perfect addition to your next project.

An impressive combination of cast iron and glass, these fireplaces are a great choice to divide a space and heat a large area while still maintaining a light open visual flow.

Cheminees Philippe Radiante 1200. Photo: Kesminas Architects/Peninsula Stonemason.

Two’s better than one

Conceived and designed with flexibility in mind, Cheminées Philippe’s range of double-sided fireplaces function beautifully as an indoor or outdoor fireplace.

Choose from three models – the Radiante 846 2V, the Radiante 1001 DF, which offers the wow factor for modern living, and the Radiante 1200 DF, which is ideal for large spaces.

All feature Cheminées Philippe’s characteristic dual opening door system and offer both the enjoyment and ambiance of a real open fire and the efficiency and safety of an efficient slow combustion fire.

Easy to clean, they’re also are a breeze to maintain and can be installed freestanding or built in according to whatever design you have in mind.

Cheminees Philippe Radiante 700 3V. Photo: Martin Rubenstein / Format Architects.

The more the merrier

A combination of robust craftsmanship and refined style, Cheminées Philippe’s triple-sided and four-sided fireplaces put an elegant spin on traditional fireplace design.

Frequently used as a centrepiece, they have all the hallmarks and qualities of a stunning focal point, plus the bonus of superb warmth and ambience.

Choose from a range that includes a classic French provincial style model, which lends itself to country classic designs, and a more contemporary model that inspires fabulous design possibilities.

The triple-sided and four-sided fireplaces are also made in France and can be installed freestanding or be built in, fashioned in your own unique design.

The open silhouette of all of Cheminées Philippe’s multiview fireplaces plays a key role in today’s modern hearth creations with their honest design, often celebrated and not hidden.

All multi-sided wood fireboxes are EPA approved to Australian standards.

Lead photo: CP Radiante 846 4V. Photo courtesy Moloney Architects/ Michael Kai Photography.



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