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Discover Neolith’s unwavering commitment to wellbeing and sustainability

Discover Neolith’s unwavering commitment to wellbeing and sustainability


As the global leader in sintered stone, Neolith is dedicated to delivering versatile architectural solutions with superior technical properties. 

Committed to innovation and excellence, Neolith continues to push the boundaries to create products that not only redefine the possibilities of design but also contribute to a more sustainable future. 

This dedication has resulted in a new era of sustainability and wellbeing for the sintered stone manufacturing industry with the introduction of Neolith for a New Era. 

Released later this month, this ground-breaking innovation of crystalline silica-free products which has been years in the making. While Neolith has never added silica to its product range, with this new line, the company takes excellence a step further.

Made with natural raw materials, including clays, feldspar, oxides and up to 20 natural minerals, this unique and innovative composition means that not even residual traces of crystalline silica are contained in the finished product. 

With no compromise on aesthetics or performance, the first colours in the new formulation will be Artic White and Abu Dhabi White, available in a 20mm thickness.

Like all Neolith products, the surfaces of the new line are highly resistant to heat, scratches, stains, and UV radiation, requiring minimal maintenance and resurfacing to maintain their brilliant appearance and performance for decades. 

‘Sea Gables’, designed by Gavin Hepper, featuring Neolith Abu Dhabi 12mm in Silk. Photography Creative Co. 

Unlike conventional quartz-based surfaces, Neolith undergoes a unique manufacturing process that involves subjecting natural raw materials to high heat and pressure, resulting in a sintered compact surface. This proprietary approach places Neolith in a category of its own, promising a distinctive and pioneering choice for a variety of applications.

The new line also seeks to close the circle, encompassing the entire value chain and prioritising the wellbeing of those involved in the material handling and manufacturing process of Neolith surfaces. 

Neolith surfaces are also manufactured in a way that is gentle on the earth. At Neolith’s production plant, 100 percent of the electricity used comes from renewable sources, all water used is recycled, and more than 96 percent of industrial waste is recycled or reused. In addition, the Neolith plant is carbon-neutral in all its main scopes.

Collectively, through these initiatives and innovative solutions, Neolith has set a precedent for sustainability and wellbeing for the Australian design industry.

Welcome to the surfaces of the future. Welcome to Neolith for a New Era.

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