A personal space for everyone with the Verse Collection by Zenith Design Studio

Nov 24, 2021
  • Article by Tili Bensley-Nettheim

As we make the move back to shared spaces, it’s the privacy of the home that should be translated into workspaces. Zenith Design Studio has introduced the Verse Collection to create that personal space for everyone.

The natural need for privacy and personal space within shared environments has been overlooked in the increase of open, flexible offices. Conference rooms get occupied by one employee looking for a quiet space of their own. Individuals dash into alcoves to take private phone calls. Employers use public areas to interview prospects or train new hires. Employees leave the office entirely to find a moment for contemplation.

The social aspect of the workplace cannot be elevated beyond the need for these moments of privacy and seclusion. Zenith Design Studio has released the Verse Collection to re-introduce personal space to workspaces that have been designed for collaboration.

As well as offering privacy, the diverse collection of rooms reduces meeting room congestion and allows for flexible allocation of space within a fixed workplace.

This space goes by many names and formations – productivity hubs, focus rooms, meditation rooms – the result is the same: a quiet space where employees can find focus, confidentiality, or hold a private meeting within an open, collaborative floor plan layout.

In its many configurations, the Verse Collection caters to these manifold motivations for privacy; it allows a group to collaborate openly without fear of disturbing others, and for a single employee to focus on a task without distraction.

When paired with Zenith’s Kissen Collection of sitting or standing tables and the SOL-Sit Lounge Modules, each Verse room comes to life. By making a comfortable personal space for everyone, Zenith is expanding the possibilities of your workspace.

Verse 1

A privacy room for the individual, Verse 1 allows the employee to remove themselves from the distractions of the open and bustling workplace. It’s a room within the room, where employees can take a private phone call or host an online meeting without interruption. It is also fitted with a shelf for employees to perch their devices on, for concentrated work, as well as a gallery rail to hang tools for brainstorming.

Receiving 3 Green Star Credits for acoustics, Verse 1 creates ambience – minimising the noise of the office for the employee in private mode and minimising the noise of the conversations taking place inside the privacy room for those focused in the central workspace.

This acoustic performance is matched with air ventilation and adjustable lighting to create a balanced and comfortable environment that fosters focus. The unique levelling system allows Verse to be levelled, in situ, to the floor.

Verse 2

Verse 2 offers a larger focus room, capable of comfortably catering to both the single employee or the couple in need of privacy within the open floor plan. It’s a space where you can come together to collaborate as a group, while minimising the noise for those outside the room. It is fitted with a gallery rail to hang a white board or cork board for ideation by the group.

Certified 3 Green Star for acoustics, the room is equipped with air ventilation, adjustable lighting, and acoustic performance. It balances the environment for the group to focus and be comfortable within the room. Verse 2 is fitted with a media panel and shelf suitable for video conferencing, especially when paired with the Sol-Sit lounge on the opposite wall. The unique levelling system ensures Verse is always leveled, insitu, to the floor.

Verse 3

An extended space, Verse 3 adds a generous meeting room with enhanced privacy capabilities to your workplace. A media panel can be placed with a table at sitting or standing height for video conferencing and collaborative work.

Receiving 3 Green Star Credits for acoustics, Verse 3 creates ambience, minimising the din of the workplace for the group in discussion and minimising the noise of the conversations taking place inside the privacy room for those focused outside.

The acoustic performance, air ventilation and adjustable lighting work to create a comfortable environment for collaboration. The unique leveling system ensures Verse is always leveled, in situ, to the floor.

Visit the Zenith Design Studio website to learn more about the Verse Collection.

Photography courtesy of Zenith Design Studio.

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