Practice Profile

Mim Design
Mim Design is a diverse creative practice specialising in the design of interior environments. Since its inception, Mim Design has been producing bespoke design solutions for a range of clients. With considerable experience delivering projects within retail, hospitality, residential and corporate areas, Mim Design has evolved into a company that not only equates itself to interior design, but all facets of design from associated graphics and branding to architectural direction. This holistic direction aims to create designs that are of sophisticated form and refined detailing, but are primarily concerned with bringing the qualities of the client personality and individual brand into the design and project. Mim Design is a company that approaches each project individually and constantly seeks new and innovative ways to solve design needs, and takes advantage of opportunities that are unique to each project. Mim Design has clients both large and small, and has an extensive involvement with residential, commercial and a number of major retail projects throughout Australia.