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Design Nation teams up with Melbourne-based designer Dean Norton


Design Nation teams up with Melbourne-based designer Dean Norton


As the recently rebranded Design Nation expands its carefully curated local collection in support of the nation’s talented design community, ADR takes a look at some of the newly added Australian-designed products.

The Moodlum collection

Created by English-born, Melbourne-based designer Dean Norton, Moodlum is a timeless furniture collection composed of a leaning shelf, coffee table, side table and mirrors.

Each piece has been carefully designed in rounded form definition to set the mood in any environment, resulting in a piece of furniture, but also a piece of art that merges with, and elevates, personal style.

Made in Melbourne, the collection is crafted with high- quality materials and designed to stand the test of time.

Esteem chair

Developed and refined over several years, the Esteem chair is the result of many iterations and subsequent prototypes. From conception to realisation, the goal of husband and wife team Elliot and Louise Gorham of design studio Apparentt was “to create the perfect package of elegance in design, simplicity for manufacture and comfort to function”.

The Esteem’s backrest is a seamless, flowing curve made from a single, solid piece of steam-bent timber. Steam bending not only creates less waste and therefore a more sustainable product, but the absence of joins in the curve makes it considerably more durable, and undoubtedly more beautiful.

All of Apparentt’s furniture is designed and made locally in the inner Melbourne suburb of Richmond in Victoria, and the studio uses many different manufacturing methods, some fairly common for the industry and others that they believe “are wholly unique to our workshop and our products”.

Bevel pendant

The Bevel pendant by Design Nation is a design collaboration between Gold Coast-based lighting design studio Fluxwood and Hammond Studio. The ambitious pendant features a sophisticated profile shape with a custom fit diffuser and contrasting cap in brass or black aluminium.

Crafted in American cherry and skilfully CNC routed, the Bevel pendant is a striking and high-quality feature or lighting piece with functional up and down lighting.

The pendant – as with all of Fluxwood’s products – was designed, manufactured and assembled in-house at the company’s studio in Currumbin, Queensland, by a small team of dedicated designers and craftspeople.



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