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Last chance to visit Melbourne Now

Mar 21, 2014
  • Article by Online Editor

The National Gallery of Victoria is currently hosting Melbourne Now, an exhibition designed to promote engagement with contemporary art in new and dynamic ways by tapping into the creative energies of Melbourne’s wider community. It includes a series of ‘exhibitions within the exhibition’ and aims to celebrate new works from various disciplines, including art, architecture, design, performance and cultural practice.

Melbourne Now presents the various ways in which visual artists and creative practitioners contribute to the local communities and the city of Melbourne at large. It is a collaborative and cross-disciplinary project that has involved a team of guest curators and artistic collaborators from within the community.

The exhibition showcases over 175 individual and group presentations, in addition to a suite of special projects that extend from visual arts to architecture and design, dance and choreography, performance art and sound.

Exhibition ends Sunday, 23 March, 2014

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25 Mar 14 at 8:44 PM • Paula Mitchell

I would like to see Melbourne Now, might have to get my daughter and partner designers to check it out for me..


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