Better the second time around

We take a look at why an increasing number of people are choosing to use recycled building materials in their home renovations – and it’s nothing to do with price. When Troy Clark of architecture practice tenfiftyfive drew up plans for an extension to his family home, bricks were chosen mainly to moderate the internal […]

Downsizing on space, not liveability

Bigger is not always better, as Sally and David Sutherland’s clients discovered when downsizing for retirement. With the help of Source Architects, they have ended up with a comfortable home that just needed a little caressing to bring it into the 21st century.

Tech-niques: how new tech is changing our homes

Angela Ferguson of FutureSpace and Luke Ommundson of Evostyle discuss what 3D printing and five-axis machining mean for designers and our homes.

Mezzanine #9: the timeless issue, out now

Making waves: the new generation of co-working spaces

Entrepreneurs, freelancers and tech jobs are leading a generational change in the workforce, and interior architects are at the forefront of the evolution.

MEZZANINE Live launches at Meizai

Braving a dark and cold winter’s night, a crowd of more than 100 design lovers joined us at Meizai’s huge showroom in Richmond for the very first MEZZANINE Live event. The event was the perfect opportunity to share and celebrate the recently redesigned magazine and bring together both subscribers and the A+D community, all while […]

Young blood: Brittany Pearce of Woods Bagot

“Commencing professional interior design practice at Woods Bagot while still a student, Brittany Pearce contributes to the workplace sector, starting with a sophisticated biomimicry concept for a major project, now nearing completion. Three years later she has a ream of projects. The recipient of several design awards and a travel scholarship at age 25, Pearce […]

Making the most of small spaces: 9Point9 Architects

In South Townsville, 9Point9 Architects looked to the cities for a flexible model when it came to designing a new house for a young professional couple.

Making the most of small spaces: Claire Scorpo

“The timber portal pergola and deck … pushed the spatial qualities well beyond the basic site.” Melbourne architect Claire Scorpo discusses how she took a two-bedroom red brick semi of 103 square metres and made it feel light, active and spacious.

Making the most of small spaces: Brad Swartz

“I think the best architecture comes from restrictions of some sort.” Brad Swartz discusses how he cleverly packs a lot into small spaces – from a home for his parents, to one for himself – for MEZZANINE.