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Trevor Mein’s Vapour exhibit at Langford 120


Noted architectural photographer Trevor Mein’s latest collection of photographs, entitled Vapour, is currently on display at the Melbourne-based gallery, Langford 120. It features an impressive compilation of photographs of cloud formations on various days.

Writer Fiona Capp describes the exhibition as:

“Unlike the material world we inhabit of solid objects and fleshy bodies that can be touched and held, Trevor Mein’s cloud images speak to us of another, more ethereal dimension. A world in which forms are insubstantial and constantly changing and cannot be grasped. Vapour is not only ‘a visible exhalation’ like our breath on a cold day but an emblem of the spirit, of the incorporeal part of us. These images bring together this disembodied element and the biblical grandeur of the heavens with its dramatic interplay between the forces of darkness and light.

Although Mein has been shooting clouds for two decades, he has only begun to show these works in the last few years. In this exhibition, he has moved away from typical and recognizable cloud formations to capture the more abstract, subtle qualities of clouds. There is the manifest beauty of their luminous, even decorative surfaces combined with a haunting sense of something brooding and numinous lying beyond. In titling the images according to the day and time they were shot, Mein draws attention to the way clouds are visual documents of change and transience, always shape-shifting or dissolving. And how, to borrow from Marx, ‘all that is solid melts into air’.”

The exhibition runs from 26 April to 26 May. Gallery open Wednesday to Saturday: 11am – 5pm – closed public holidays.



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