Stockton cafe

Original stone flooring was the design inspiration for this London bar

May 28, 2019
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This coffee-come-cocktail bar in the heart of south-east London’s Deptford was inspired by the site’s original stone flooring.

Drawing on the flooring, EBBA Architects decided to use a raw and earthy colour palette for the venue, named Stockton. Instead of simple painted walls, a rough plasterwork was explored to line the walls; a technique that dates back to stucco applications developed in ancient India and China.


“The intention was to provide surfaces with a distinct textured quality in plaster that would transform with the changing light, becoming richer as the space darkens which in turn both changes the look and feel of the space,” says Benni Allan, founder of EBBA Architects.


All the designed elements – including the furniture and shelving – are made from raw welded steel, fabricated by local metalworkers, creating an unassuming, elegant aesthetic. The terrazzo bar is complemented by the steel tables topped with white-washed European Plywood.


“Despite its bespoke furniture and fittings, Stockton is intended to serve as a blank canvas to offer architecture as a backdrop to be populated and activated by visitors who will ultimately give life to the space,” explains Allan.


“The changing light throughout the day dramatically affects the internal environment and casts a light against the rough plaster walls.”


Photography by Benni Allan

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29 May 19 at 1:39 AM • Anja

Beautiful and pure luxury to have such a worthy floor, tone-in-tone with pastel colours … What I still don´t get: if you watch the sizes of seats/chairs: they seem to be very diverse in width … is it like that or is it an optical Ilusion ? Kindest regards from Germany 🙂


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