Miriam Fanning designs limited edition vodka for Archie Rose

Nov 17, 2021
  • Article by Elisa Scarton

Melbourne interior designer Miriam Fanning has teamed up with Archie Rose for a limited edition vodka that evokes a personal response through shape, form and colour.

“The artwork is a painting I created specifically for Archie Rose that visually shows vibrancy and excitement,” the Mim Design principal tells ADR of the label.

“As such, my design seeks to explore the sense of vibrancy, joy and ease that we experience when sharing a celebratory cocktail with friends and loved ones.”

Fanning evokes a personal response through shape, form and colour with her artwork, created exclusively for Archie Rose.

The limited edition bottle is available on the Archie Rose website until February 2022, and is one of a series of collaborations between the Sydney spirits distiller and Australian interior designers.

Sydney’s Brendan Wong and Melbourne’s Hana Hakim of The Stella Collective have also contributed designs for the limited edition collection.

Fanning’s limited edition bottle is available on the Archie Rose website until February 2022. Photo: Nikki To.

Fanning chose her signature cobalt blue for the whirls featured on her label. Depicted as raked patterns, the shapes represent the sense of hospitality we’ve all missed in recent times.

“If the essence of Mim Design was distilled into one colour, that striking blue would be it.” says Fanning.

“Timeless, sophisticated and memorable, it embodies all the traits we wanted to impart into this collaboration.”

Inspired by the classic Cosmopolitan, Fanning’s vodka is flavoured with raspberry, sunrise lime and a hint of juniper.

Fanning’s vibrant label design is featured in Archie Rose’s Limited Release Tailored Spirits collection. Here, anyone can channel their inner distiller by creating their own blend of botanical notes.

As part of the collaboration, Fanning infused her signature Tailored Vodka with summery notes.

“The flavour combination we chose is one that pays homage to the classic and unrivalled cocktail – the Cosmopolitan,” she says.

“The sunrise lime offers bright citrus notes, while the raspberry fills the middle with a warm and slightly sweet berry undertone. Finally, the subtle addition of juniper is unique and memorable, but not overpowering.”

Fanning chose her signature cobalt blue for the whirls featured on either side of her label.

It’s a combination that ties in beautifully with the personalised message Fanning has included at the back of the bottle.

“The message reads: ‘In the spirit of design, art and colour, a tailored approach to life and living’.

“For me, this statement holds a sentiment of creativity and joy — two elements that are key in all our work and which I wanted to bring to life through the artwork for this collaboration.”

Enchanted, we asked Fanning to share her recipe for a cocktail synonymous with the 1990s and the one-and-only Carrie Bradshaw.

So grab your bottle of the Limited Release vodka before it sells out and raise a glass to friends much missed and summer parties just over the horizon.

Fanning says her favourite way to unwind on a Friday night is with great friends celebrating the weekend with music and fresh seafood.

Miriam Fanning’s Classic Cosmopolitan

I do love an classic Cosmopolitan:

  • 45ml of Archie Rose “Cosmic” Vodka
  • 15ml of Triple sec
  • 30ml of cranberry juice
  • 10ml of lime juice
  • ice

Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker then strain into a martini glass. Garnish with flamed orange zest or a lime wedge on rim of the glass.

To celebrate the release of Archie Rose’s collaboration with three of the country’s best interior designers, ADR featured Brendan Wong and his gin gimlet last month. We’ll be catching up with Hana Hakim later in the year.

Win one of five prize packs featuring three Limited Edition designer bottles, valued at $297, by filling out the form below and following @ausdesignreview and @archierosesyd on Instagram.

This competition is now closed.

Photography: Courtesy of Miriam Fanning unless otherwise specified.

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