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Beachside beauty in Tamarama


Article by ADR contributor Emily Taliangis. Images by Justin Alexander.

Tamarama House by Decus Interiors, in collaboration with architect Alex Porebski, exudes a sense of contemporary luxury, combining bright and beachy tones with an almost stormy aesthetic – a reference to the body of water that neighbours the property.


Situated in Sydney’s beachside suburb Tamarama, the interior and exterior visual impacts are breathtaking. The pre-existing non-linear floor plan provides the foundation for a residence that is pleasing aesthetically and satisfies all practical requirements to house a family of four.

The residence consists of three distinct levels, with each space designed independently to create distinct pockets within the home. The first floor is for guests, the second for sleeping and the third for entertainment. There is a sense of anticipation and discovery; the obvious spatial awareness in the design process encourages a journey through each level.


Decus describes the inside palette as ‘moody’, much like the ever-changing seascape directly outside. Marble slabs in the kitchen and bathrooms have been coupled with delicate mosaics and intricate mesh panels. The light-filled home is interrupted by dark timber joinery. Curved handle details meet hard angles.


Worth noting is the adventurous lighting. Christopher Boots’ Phasmida pendant lights up the dining table, there is a Selene cluster by Classicon in the guest en suite, and the installation of a magnetic track lighting system by Flos is the first of its kind to be used in Australia.


The aim of the design was to produce a lasting interior of the highest quality, to stand the test of time – and that it surely will.



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