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Axolotl partners with IDEA 2015

Axolotl partners with IDEA 2015


Images courtesy Axolotl.

We are proud to announce that Axolotl have again partnered with the Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) to produce the trophies for the 2015 program.

Axolotl have been involved with IDEA over the past five years, producing awards that bring together Australia’s leading interior designers, architects and industry professionals. It is this talented group that inspire Axolotl to continue to develop and expand its range of architectural finishes.

With an in-depth knowledge of design, processes and materials, the team at Axolotl intertwine new and traditional techniques, resulting in bespoke sculptural pieces that defy the status quo. Each award is approached with a high level of consideration to the brief, taking into account the requirements of the client and end user, along with Axolotl’s enthusiasm to continue pushing boundaries.

Considering that the awards are produced for the best and brightest Australian designers, the team at Axolotl see IDEA as an opportunity to showcase materials that are in line with the most up-to-date industry trends.


This year’s trophies, before and after de-bossing.


The IDEA trophies have, over the past five years, incorporated a range of materials and techniques, including Tasmanian oak coated in rust, blackened steel and geometric-style concrete pillars. A new shape was introduced in 2014, its three-dimensional form taking cues from an axonometric drawing detail. The design took a regular rectangular prism and distorted the shape on a central axis. The result was a warped sculptural shape, allowing for multiple perspectives. With a tapered base and heavy cast weight, this design stands unique amongst standard trophies, deserving of a proud place on any bookshelf.

The award design was first developed on a two-dimensional level, extending and modifying the IDEA logo and graphic. These elements were then explored in CAD, where the geometric details were de-bossed into a prismatic shape. A model was three-dimensionally printed to assess the design and, once approved, was cast. The design of the award explored traditional casting processes – no different to a sculptured piece of art – giving the advantage of a weighted award. A special mould was produced, and each award was individually cast in the Axolotl factory.

This design will again be used in 2015, however the awards are being cast in bronze before being hand polished to an amazing golden shine. The unpolished de-bossed design is contrasted against the polished faces, with the bronze metal left unsealed to tarnish with time. Being cast in bronze, the award can be polished again if desired.

Axolotl look forward to seeing who this year’s worthy recipients will be, and hope that the talented architects and designers enjoy them for years to come.


IDEA is taking entries until Friday 22 May. For more information, and to enter, please visit www.idea-awards.com.au


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