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The emphasis on fees and negotiations has been dominating architectural practices of all sizes in recent decades. But what does the financial imperative that drives your practice mean to you, what does it mean for your business and, more importantly, what does it mean to your clients – the ones you serve? How are practices contributing to big picture issues, such as sustainability and the environment, and the future of the profession as a whole? What values do you prioritise to sustain your business?

Hear from a panel of leading experts who will dissect, explore, challenge and share some of their strategies on impacting change in our communities while making that dollar count for their practice To see speakers of this seminar - click here

Part 1 — Total Synergy product manager Paul Hemmings talks about how digital technologies are transforming the way architects do business and deliver projects. From the ubiquity and necessity of cloud software and services, to the decline of ERP type systems for small- to medium-sized architects, and the opportunity of best-of-breed connected apps, technology is now an essential strategy of any forward-looking architectural practice.

Part 2 — 'Fireside chat' interview with NBRSARCHITECTURE director Rodney Drayton. In a rapidly growing multidisciplinary practice with 100 staff working across studios focused on transformative social outcomes, and one that continues to develop new leadership models after 50 years of architectural practice, this conversation explores how technology changes their approach to running the business, delivering projects and developing strategies for growth. Interviewing Rodney is Isabelle Toland — host of the Business of Architecture and Design podcast, and founder/director of Aileen Sage Architects.

Part 3 — Panel discussion. Paul and Rodney are available for your questions — this is your chance to discuss what you've heard, and learn what you can do to harness the digital transformation opportunities in the business of architecture. To see speakers of this seminar - click here

Macquarie conducted research in September 2019, surveying over 250 business owners within the built environment, with architects forming 41 percent of respondents.

We will hear from Danny Chung, Head of the Built Environment, Macquarie Business Banking, who will present the results of the study, including industry benchmarks for performance, sentiment around business and operational challenges, outlook, priorities for the future, and Macquarie’s perspective around opportunities to thrive in the macroeconomic climate. To see speakers of this seminar - click here

In this interactive and very practical session you will learn the top five ways that architect and design businesses can avoid being sued. Using illustrative examples from real cases, the presenters will unpack what businesses should and shouldn’t do to avoid litigation. To see speakers of this seminar - click here

Get on board for gender equity! – Afternoon seminar only
This seminar will reveal the impetus behind the Male Champions of Change initiative, with contributions from participants who reveal their reasons for joining, what it has meant to their business and why every other practice needs to get on board to help facilitate long overdue change in the area of gender inequity in the industry. To see speakers of this seminar - click here