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SHELTER offers streaming service for architecture media

SHELTER offers streaming service for architecture media


Launching out of Australia on July 31, SHELTER is a new curated global streaming platform for architecture, design, lifestyle and outdoor living content.

The service brings together films, television series, magazine content as well as their own original programming. 

“Design is at the centre of our lives – from our homes and environment, to our aspirations, our holidays and our escapes, and there are so many films and TV series which explore our relationship to our space,” says SHELTER creator Dustin Clare. 

“With a passionate audience for this genre SHELTER was created as the premium home of quality curated video content.”

SHELTER will be available for streaming on all devices.

With movement through our urban spaces restricted and time spent in our homes at an all time high, the global COVID-19 pandemic has prompted renewed attentiveness to our built environments. 

Dustin Clare acknowledges this opportune timing of SHELTER: “The reality of lockdown has made us re-examine our connection to home, our immediate environment, and the world around us.”

“Through SHELTER, we invite you to explore, be inspired, be entertained and engrossed, and most of all, be engaged with the world of architecture, design, lifestyle and outdoor living.”

One of SHELTER’s original offerings is the Inspired Architecture series. In six 15 minute episodes, the series explores the narratives of uniquely Australian structures including JR’s Hut in Gundagai, Permanent Camping in Mudgee and Hart House at Great Mackerel Beach. 

As well as highlighting sustainability content on their platform, SHELTER has partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects who employ local villagers to plant millions of trees every year in some of the most impoverished and environmentally devastated regions of the world.

“Each month a tree will be planted to represent every subscriber, with a view to us and each of our subscribers planting many thousands of trees where they are most needed,” says Clare. 

Available on all devices on July 31, SHELTER will feature more than 200 hours of entertainment, with new content to be added every month. Click here to become an early subscriber.


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