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Grain is good with Fairview

Grain is good with Fairview


Fairview has evoked the calming principles of biophilic design for their new timber-look range of interlocking aluminium façade panels. 

Biophilic design weaves the organic patterns and forms of nature into the built environment, re-creating the calming effect of the natural environment within our interior spaces. This design technique has achieved immense popularity over recent years, with architects leveraging nature to promote wellness in hospitals, schools, and office projects.  

It’s a design movement on vivid display in One Central Park in Sydney, Australia, the Eden Project in Cornwall, United Kingdom and in the skyscrapers overflowing with shrubbery popping up in most cityscapes. 

Wood has been revealed as one of the simplest and most versatile options to harness this biophilic effect. The material has been shown to stimulate the parasympathetic system, minimising stress and promoting focus. 

The WOOD IS GOOD movement within the built environment rests on this principle. To meet this moment Fairview saw the need for a non-combustible façadepanelling product that offered wood’s calming influence but with a level of unmatched durability. 

Stryüm is Australia’s premier solid interlocking aluminium panel system, using only premium raw materials and finish options to achieve an unprecedented level of quality, reliability and longevity. 

The panelling is available in an extensive choice of powder coated and anodised finishes and now includes a range of wood grain finishes exclusive to Fairview.

For architects and designers Australia’s harsh weather makes choosing a low maintenance timber alternative a much more attractive and cost-effective option for their projects. 

As aesthetically pleasing as timber may be, a wood alternative such as Stryüm with wood grain coating, offers greater durability and flexibility, making it the perfect design alternative to timber. 

Unlike other options seen in the market, Stryüm’s unique and innovative ezy HD2 powder on powder process guarantees a durable wood grain finish for a greater colour depth, integrity and durability.

The powder on powder process is more resilient and less subject to differential fading in comparison to alternative wood effect products offered in Australia.

Fairview’s wood grain aluminium takes the hassle out of ensuring your project can endure Australia’s climate while still providing the biophilic benefits that are in great demand. 

The Stryüm in wood grain range enables architects to deliver their aesthetic visions with design integrity, durability and functionality.

Fairview specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of a suite of quality façade solutions throughout Australia, North America and the United Kingdom. With almost 30 years’ experience in the façade industry, Fairview is dedicated to consistently facilitating the successful delivery of innovative facades that meet the requirements and vision of each project

Learn more about the biophilic benefits of wood grain panelling by downloading Fairview’s Going with the Grain report


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