Record year for building work in Victoria

Applications for building permits in Victoria continued at record levels in 2018, with the cost of works in permits reported to the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) reaching almost $40 billion for the first time.  The value of building permits for the 12 months was $39.6 billion – up 10.7 percent, or $3.8 billion, on the […]

AREA awards open for entries

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the AR Emerging Architecture (AREA) awards has now opened for entries. “The AR Emerging Architecture award was and remains one of the most important in my career. It meant that other people had noticed my work, that I was doing something worth talking about. Being fostered in such a way is invaluable, […]

Archistar launches world-first Feng Shui engine for property

  Australian property start-up Archistar has unveiled a Feng Shui analysis feature that assesses floor plans to provide homeowners and prospective buyers with insights and design recommendations. Twelve months in the making, the one-of-a-kind engine applies hundreds of design principles to develop a sophisticated and actionable report tailored to each properties’ unique traits. Feng Shui […]

COFES 2019

The 20th annual Congress on the Future of Engineering Software (COFES) is now underway. COFES runs from April 7 to 10 and for the first time is being held in Silicon Valley, at Menlo Park in California, US. The think-tank event gathers vendors, users, press and analysts to discuss the most important issues facing both customers and providers […]

A wake-up call for client and architect

Former US President George H.W. Bush may have disparaged the vision thing, but, without that ingredient, little of consequence will be built. How to achieve the final product says a lot about the relationship between the client as the main stakeholder and the architect. Promotion of Mastery, the latest Sydney project from the Crown Group, […]

A guide to growth

It’s a generally regarded truism in any business that growth is good – if you’re not getting bigger, then surely you’re either stagnating or, worse, shrinking or going backward. But in uncertain economic times, non-stop expansion isn’t always the best option. Sometimes it may be prudent to whittle away, to deliver a lean, mean and […]

Is poor design to blame for Melbourne’s drop in Liveability Index?

AR asks a panel of experts their response to the following question: the Australian Institute of Architects has blamed poor design for Melbourne’s drop in the 2018 Liveability Index. Do you think this is a fair assessment? Theodore Kerlidis, director, K20 Architecture Melbourne didn’t lose, Vienna won. We now have a contender, a city to […]

‘Refusal of banks to approve construction loans is anti-competitive’

The refusal of many banks to approve construction loans for architect-administered contracts is anti-competitive and is imposing costs on consumers and small business, according to a submission to the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry. The joint submission by the Australian Institute of Architects (the Institute), ArchiTeam Cooperative and the Association of Consulting Architects Australia […]

Architectus launches Urban Design and Planning Melbourne

Architectus has announced the launch of Architectus Urban Design and Planning Melbourne and has appointed Dean Thornton to lead the team.  The new offering to the Melbourne market comes at a time when the Urban Design and Planning (UDP) sector has seen exceptional growth for Architectus in it’s Sydney office. With over 23 years of […]

How to future-proof your practice

A blend of technology and business smarts can help to prepare your practice to thrive in the “disruptive economy”. Industry leaders suggest that new technologies – which streamline practice processes and provide better oversight of financial reporting – can help architecture firms position themselves for future success in a constantly-changing operating environment. Recent Deltek research […]

Are awards worth winning?

What can build reputation, help to confirm your creative approach, add to a stockpile of history, joy and opportunity, and make hard work truly worthwhile? In a word, winning! Here, AR speaks with small and medium-sized firms that have either won a design competition for a high-profile, imaginative commission or received an award for an […]