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It’s time to meet Jac

It’s time to meet Jac


The latest collaboration between Zenith and the dynamic design duo that is Schamburg + Alvisse, the Jac chair is being described as the ‘people’s chair’.

Beautifully resolved and combining everyday comfort with style, elegance and endurance, Jac comes with an extra feature that is just a little bit special and truly marks it as a product that has ‘people’, their well-being and sustainability at its core.

For every Jac chair you buy, a tree is planted. Think about that for a moment. Every single chair purchased means a new tree is given life and the chance to thrive.

Through a partnership with onetreeplanted.org, the planted trees will help create essential wildlife corridors in the Central Highlands of Tasmania to assist in strengthening the environment against the impacts of climate change. The long-term goal is to establish 1.5 million native plants and sequester over 30,000 tonnes of carbon by 2030.

Giving back to the environment is just one of the standout elements of the chair, however. Aimed at providing aesthetic longevity due to its rigorous build and engineered strength, the Jac collection – comprising side chairs, tub chairs and stools – is the last word in high-quality, reliable and versatile products.

The Jac chair has been in development for five years – underlining the attention to detail and exemplary design approach utilised.

Versatile bases provide the option of metal or timber legs and sleds, while various powder-coat applications can be selected to match for the most appropriate fit for the chair’s respective environment.

Innovative, balanced and pragmatic, Jac is the epitome of endurance – a chair designed to be a pleasure to work with and from. It can meet any design challenge through a variety of cohesive configurations, seamlessly shifting from being the centre of attention to team player, while working collaboratively to contribute to an exquisite overall design effect.

The design team

Mark Schamburg and Michael Alvisse (Schamburg + Alvisse) are pioneers when it comes to the design and manufacture of sustainable furniture design. Celebrating their 20 years in the industry in 2017, the pair say that when they started out, sustainability was still considered very much a fringe idea and that they had to “search long and hard to connect with kindred spirits”, but eventually found a group of architects and designers who shared their passion. Working with Zenith today, they have found a collaboration that inspires and produces work that is cleverly agile, always comfortable and genuinely sustainable.

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