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The Artex Kitchen

The Artex Kitchen


The Artex Kitchen is a kitchen system from CR&S Varenna with a contemporary design and a natural aesthetics. Designed with ample surfaces and rigorous, essential lines, the structure and assembly highlights the quality of the materials.

poliform jan 2

Artex is detail orientated with a 26mm thickness door which creates a continuous shadow line between the cabinetry and the worktop. Along with a material palette of gloss lacquers, natural timbers, steel and bronzed glass the Artex offer endless opportunities to personalise.

poliform jan 3

Doors finishings: Embossed lacquered colours, glossy lacquered colours, open pore lacquered oak colours.
Woods: walnut c., oak, siena oak, brown oak, spessart oak, grey dyed oak, moro oak and elm.
Scotch brite steel.
DuPont Corian.
Reflecting bronzed glass with frame PR19.

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