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Performance meets beauty: Cosm chair from Herman Miller

Performance meets beauty: Cosm chair from Herman Miller


Deceptively simple and sleek in design, the Cosm chair from Herman Miller oozes sophistication, with a design that instantly responds to the body using it.

To design it, Herman Miller teamed up with the Berlin-based designers at Studio 7.5. Their goal? A design that creates a new reference point for instant, personalised comfort. Sound difficult? Well, it’s something they’ve worked toward for years.

The Studio 7.5 team

Cosm’s Auto-Harmonic Tilt puts the person first and responds to them, no matter what their posture is doing, to provide a balanced recline and personalised comfort. 

“You should have a chair that allows you to change postures as easily as possible,” explains Studio 7.5 designer Carola Zwick.

“You can only do that with a chair that is adjusted correctly, so we wanted to build a chair that does that part for you.”

But the tilt alone doesn’t make Cosm the designers’ most refined design to date. A meticulous process of prototyping hundreds of hand-sculpted and 3D-printed parts paved the path towards some of the chair’s other incredible features.

Take Intercept Suspension, a breathable and temperature-neutral elastomeric suspension that conforms to each person’s body to provide dynamic spinal support.

Or the chair’s thin but strong flexible frame that supports while flexing so you can comfortably move your upper body.

Then there’s Cosm’s Leaf Arms, the first of their kind, which provide a simple and super slim visual appearance, while also ensuring comfort during any activity – from chatting on the phone to reading a book to typing at the computer.

Aesthetically, Cosm is available in range of colours, including a glorious dusky dark pink called Canyon and a moody matte blue called Nightfall.

Regardless of what shade you pick, the chair appears as a single unified object and not a collection of parts and pieces. This sense of unity is also reflected in its material composure.

“The monochrome colouring dematerialises the object,” says fellow Studio 7.5 designer Burkhard Schmitz of the dipped-in-colour concept, in which they present the chair in one hue from top to bottom.

“The chair is made out of many different metals and plastics, but ultimately it’s just one thing.”

Herman Miller recently teamed up with Texas A&M Ergonomics Center to collaborate on groundbreaking research that examined the effects a comfortable chair has on cognitive performance. 

The research proved how the Cosm chair can help you feel less fatigued, think more clearly and be more productive. All really relevant aspects during this WFH trend.

Read the report online.

Herman Miller was founded in Zeeland, Michigan, in 1905. Over the decades, it has worked with numerous architects and designers, and is a recognised innovator in contemporary interior furnishings, solutions for healthcare environments and related technologies and services.


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