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Flooring your way with Signature Studio

Flooring your way with Signature Studio


The Studio by Signature Floors combines the expertise of some of Australia’s qualified and experienced textile designers to provide stylish and durable custom carpets for commercial flooring projects.

The Studio is a space for ideas and exploration. So whether you’re inspired by nature, abstraction, or the built world – you can rely on the Signature Floor team to bring your ideas to life.

To lend more versatility and freedom of choice to the carpet creation process, designers can also select from five fully customisable carpet mediums.

Mulgrave Country Club, Woven Axminster carpets by Signature Studio / Photo: Renee Green Creative

Hand Tufted

The Hand-tufted model is ideal for luxurious wall-to-wall carpeting or one-off bespoke rugs in hospitality venues. Hand-tufting offers flexibility, allowing you to design and shape a carpet any way you like.

The construction technique endows them with softness and the ability to sport rich, colourful designs. What’s more, since they’re deeply textured, hand-tufted floor coverings lend themselves effortlessly to eclectic décor styles.


Custom woven carpets are manufactured in state-of-the-art Axminster looms. They’re composed of 80% wool and 20% nylon – guaranteeing a plush look and feel. They’re also incredibly durable and make excellent design sense in high-traffic commercial settings.

With Signature’s custom Axminster program, you can create the most complex and intricate designs in high definition, using a broad colour palette, with absolute precision. Ideal for wall-to-wall carpets or as insert area rugs.

Frankston RSL, Woven Axminster carpet by Signature Studio / Photo: Renee Green Creative

Dye Injection

If you’re looking for unique ways to design your carpet, digital printing courtesy of Signature’s Dye Injection medium could offer a fitting solution. Using high-definition DPI inkjets with a durable white nylon carpet substrate, Signature’s designers create detailed graphic patterns across various textured bases.


The tufted medium combines cut and loop constructions, creating a deeply textured carpet. The combination of high and low pile heights ensures the final product feels sturdy and hardwearing.

Tufted carpets are composed of solution-dyed nylon (SDN). Choose from a kaleidoscope of colours, metallics and fluorescent yarns to create a statement floor covering for your project. Ideal for rooms with heavy foot traffic.

Mulgrave Country Club, Woven Axminster carpets by Signature Studio / Photo: Renee Green Creative


Signature’s semi-custom modular offering provides designers with a world of creative and functional benefits. Not only does it open doors for unique design opportunities, but the modular medium also ensures a robust and hardwearing floor that can withstand heavy traffic in commercial spaces.

Create a semi-custom modular carpet in three easy steps. Pick an existing base pattern and texture, then select and overlay pattern and colour. Lastly, choose a Signature Shape.

Club Auburn, Semi-Custom Modular carpet by Signature Studio / Photo: Luc Remond

Signature Studio’s Custom Carpet Workflow

The custom carpet workflow starts with ideation, where you liaise with the Studio team to crystallise your design brief.

Textile designers then create 3D room visualisations to help bring your idea to life. Once approved Signature Floors create a hand trial/carpet sample to help get a real sense of the design.

Next, the production wheels are set in motion in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. This is where your design is transformed into a beautifully crafted custom floor covering.

Choose how you tell a story within a space through your design choices. Seamlessly integrate your vision into a custom creation – crafting a unique experience, both visually and texturally.

Signature Studio services are available for customers in Australia & New Zealand. Discover how to work with the team here.


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