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ERP is dead – how the AEC design industry will flourish anyway

ERP is dead – how the AEC design industry will flourish anyway


Your architecture and design business runs on digital technology. That’s just how it is now. Whether it’s CAD drawing files, accounting with Xero or QuickBooks Online or marking up PDFs with Bullclip. When you’re designing, invoicing, communicating with clients or collaborating on projects, it all happens digitally.

ERP (enterprise resource planning) software is how all this used to be managed and automated.

ERP is dead, design friends.

You need to know that to keep your architecture in the now and to help it burst into the future.

You’ve got to don your mourning black, thank ERP for all it tried to do, and get on with your built environment design life. We know it’s hard, but you’re no dummies.

We’re well aware you’re quite the opposite.

That’s why we’ve taken a spin into the why and wherefor of ERP’s expiration, and what the whole lot means to your business.

We’re an industry defined by highly complex projects with intricate dependencies and specialised workflows. In order for our tech to effectively serve our businesses, we need our many and varied digital apps to go beyond playing nice together and actually work as a brilliant collective.

Read The death of ERP — what does the AEC design industry do now it’s gone? on the Total Synergy website to find out what you need from a digital business system now it’s lights out for ERP.

Let product manager Paul Hemmings give you the postmortem on:

  • How the one-stop-shop origin of ERP hurt your business
  • Why ERP was the ‘master of none’ of your digital architecture needs
  • The new ‘platform approach’ of the future
  • What to look for in a platform approach to managing your design business

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