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Vale Sharrin Rees


All photography by Sharrin Rees. Above: details at BKH’s Potts Point Apartment

Photographer extraordinaire, visionary, pioneer in female architectural photography and one of the best eyes in the industry.

“Sharrin Rees was an extremely gifted photographer, a gentle soul and a friend for over 30 years. I will miss her terribly.” – Iain Halliday, BKH

It is with enormous sorrow that we greet the news of Sharrin Rees’ passing. A pioneer in interior architectural photography, Sharrin brought her unique eye for design and detail to every project lucky enough to be the focus of her gaze.

SJB Interiors_Pacific Sales Suite_Sharrin Rees

SJB Interiors’ Pacific Sales Suite project. Photo: Sharrin Rees


“It is terribly sad for us to hear of the passing of Sharrin Rees. Sharrin had an impeccable eye. She saw angles and beauty in places no one else could. More than anything we will remember Sharrin’s lovely calming personality and how she would happily chat away, seemingly carefree, while taking some highly considered photographs. In an industry that is very much defined by beautiful photography, Sharrin Rees contributed in a very major way.” – Jonathan Richards, SJB

SDS 1202 Indigo Slam 08 interior

The Indigo Slam Interior by Smart Design Studio. Photo: Sharrin Rees


With a background in corporate design, Sharrin was able to apply a deep understanding of architectural form. Indeed, her photographic eye was always able to draw out both the monumental and minutiae of a project’s attributes, a talent that always resulted in beautiful images and saw her work widely published in magazines, books and, of course, online.


Smart Design Studio’s fit out for Optique Potts Point. Photo: Sharrin Rees


“What makes Sharrin Rees’ photographs stand out from the rest is their poetry, which is the way that they capture the project’s story in a unique and delightful way. This had me hooked and I therefore worked with Sharrin as my number one photographer for the past 15 years.” – William Smart, Smart Design Studio

Working with architects and interior designers both here and overseas, and in particular BKH (Burley Katon Halliday), Smart Design Studio and SJB, Sharrin did far more than take photos. Rather, she brought forth a look, a portfolio and statement of architectural signature unique to each practice. It is perhaps, however, her appreciation of the beauty of detail, the nuance of form and the elegance of light and colour that made her work so extraordinary.

Smart Design Studio's Orama project

Smart Design Studio’s Orama project. Photo: Sharrin Rees


“Sharrin Rees was a gifted architectural and environmental photographer, who forged the way for female architectural photographers at a time when the field was predominantly male dominated. Leading architects like Smart Design, Koichi Takada Architects and Burley Katon Halliday valued her vision enough to select her specifically to photograph their projects. In a landscape abundant with talented architectural photographers, their choice was a testament to her talents. She continued to hold her own in an increasingly competitive field, and her work featured strongly in the 2016 National Architecture Awards. It is with great sadness that I learned of her passing. On behalf of our industries, both photographic and architectural, I would like to express our deep regret for her passing and our gratitude for her contribution and inspiration throughout her lifetime. Her memory forever lives on in her beautiful imagery.” – Dianna Snape, Dianna Snape Photography


Plush details at BKH’s Potts Point Apartment. Photo: Sharrin Rees


To reiterate Dianna’s words, the A&D community will miss her terribly and its members are honoured to have come under her sharp and beautiful gaze.



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