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A round-up of Axolotl’s year: 2013


For 19 years, Axolotl has been a pioneer of innovative and creative metal, concrete, glass and timber products within the Australian market. Redefining the possibilities for high end technology, Axolotl has created a unique semi-precious metal coating process.

Among the highlights of Axolotl’s year were the launch of a new furniture brand Anomaly, and work with the Grand Designs TV show on the Forest Lodge Eco House project. The company’s other accomplishments in 2013 included getting shortlisted as one of the three contenders from a huge international line-up to create two feature walls at Hong Kong Airport.

The marine rust garage door

The marine rust garage door

Axolotl is one of the leaders in metal surface technology and offers a range of options in metal rusting. The above image is of a newly built garage door featuring a naturally-aged ‘marine rust’ finish.

The bronze cortex garage door

The bronze cortex garage door

Also completed last year, the custom-built garage door (picttured above) has been carved with a trademark ‘cortex’ pattern, coated in bronze and naturally aged to create a ‘florentine patina’ finish.

With the aim of enabling people to save images for design inspiration and remain in tune with the company’s latest news and updates, Axolotl also took the plunge into the realms of social media, including Pinterest and Instagram (Axolotl and Anomaly). The company also has a Facebook page dedicated to its new furniture line, Anomaly.



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