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Ethiopian traditions and cultural motifs define Addis Interiors Design’s luxury range

Ethiopian traditions and cultural motifs define Addis Interiors Design’s luxury range


Inspired by the rich history and diverse cultural story of Ethiopia, Addis Interiors Design is hoping to write a new narrative with its hand-woven home décor range.

Using sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing processes, Addis Interiors Design pays tribute to its Ethiopian heritage as it looks to introduce and establish itself as a unique addition to the Australian market. Founded by two best friends and mothers deeply rooted in their connection to the country, the brand is a celebration of heritage, friendship, and the beauty of Ethiopia.

As the global market continues to be flooded with mass-produced textiles, the proliferation of large-scale manufacturing has intensified competition, placing significant pressure on the rich heritage of Ethiopian weaving.

Addis Interiors Design’s mission is to uplift artisans who are driven by a passion for their craft. By ensuring fair compensation, they empower them to create distinctive pieces that recount Ethiopia’s rich history and cultural heritage, steeped in centuries-old traditions. 

Collaborating exclusively with organisations that are committed to fair compensation, Addis Interiors Design contributes to the economic well-being of artisans and workers while nurturing the prosperity of their communities.

Addis Interiors Design Co-founder Ida Asfirmuktar says: “My partner, Seble and I believe that Ethiopia is more than just a country often portrayed through the lens of poverty. We want to change this narrative and shine a light on a land steeped in a legacy of resilience, creativity, and beauty. Our inspiration comes from the desire to showcase Ethiopia’s diverse and storied past through a centuries-old tradition of weaving.”

Celebrating diversity in design and cultural connections 

Asfirmuktar is keen to connect with Australian Design Review’s community of design professionals and sees the partnership as, “a unique opportunity to intertwine our captivating Ethiopian heritage with the vibrant spirit of our Australian identity, weaving together our two worlds by celebrating diversity and the power of creative design.’

Using traditional African weaving techniques, Addis Interiors Design is committed to supporting local artisans by preserving traditional techniques native to their heritage. 

Taitu cushion

Addis Interiors Design’s handcrafted textiles carry on the stories of Ethiopia’s fascinating history, with the striking red and gold pattern of the Taitu cushion cover reflecting the regal nature of the empress who inspired it. 

Taitu cushion

Makeda cushion

The intricately embroidered and wonderfully colourful Makeda cushion cover is named after the Queen of Sheba who ruled Ethiopia more than 3000 years ago, paying homage to the cultural impact of her reign while delivering a fresh and modern aesthetic.

Makeda cushion

Banna cushion 

Colour is continually integral to the identity of these products, a characteristic that is hardly surprising given a kaleidoscope of colours has been found in traditional Ethiopian fabrics for many generations. Addis Interiors Design continues this artistry through the Banna cushion cover’s intricately woven hues, which reflect the vibrant palette of the Banna tribe. Indeed, it’s hard not to be reminded of Ethiopia when looking at this piece given many of the colours used also appear on the national flag. 

Banna cushion

Abay cushion

Another major figure in Ethiopian consciousness, the Nile River, is represented through the Abay cushion cover. The Abay River is the name of the Blue Nile in Ethiopia which originates at Lake Tana, and the cool blue embroidery of this product set against a neutral backdrop conjures images of the mighty river making its way through the African continent, bringing life to the local people.

Old traditions made new

Addis Interiors Design says it wants to showcase the stories that define Ethiopia’s ancient land, from the civilisations of Axum and Lalibela to the vibrant and diverse ethnic groups that exist today. 

Gebeta table setting

As a result, even the Ethiopian dining experience has influenced the décor on offer, with Addis Interiors Design’s Gebeta table setting taking its name from the traditional platter where food is presented. Here, the red, black, yellow and white colours at the table represent the warmth, hospitality and vibrancy of Ethiopian cuisine.

Yegini Wef

Rounding out Addis Interiors Design’s range is the Yegini Wef – a stunning decorative ceramic guinea fowl produced using traditional Ethiopian clay-making techniques. Like the company’s textile offerings, these products are hand-painted with oil-based colours and each piece undergoes a sun-drying process before it is ready to display. 

For Addis Interiors Design, infusing quality craftsmanship with traditional motifs can help celebrate a dynamic and storied people, while offering something new and unique to a competitive home décor market.


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