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Cooper Robinson takes the guesswork out of interior styling with Cachet

Cooper Robinson takes the guesswork out of interior styling with Cachet


With almost two decades of interior design and property styling in her repertoire, Cooper Robinson founder and director Megan Robinson has seen her fair share of homes. Then, she noticed a gap in the furniture market.

Two years later and Cachet by Cooper Robinson was launched. The Melbourne-based luxury designer brand produces small-batch luxury furniture solutions designed in Melbourne and delivered in days.

Robinson says Cachet reflects her desire to “create furniture and homewares that were unique but accessible, like a custom made piece, but you can have it straight away”.

And with an extensive history in property styling, an innate sense of design trends, and enduring love for all things interior, Robinson caught up ADR to chat about Cachet’s conception, current collections, and the sentimental value behind its realisation.

Cooper Robinson director and Cachet founder Megan Robinson.

ADR: Firstly, can you tell us about yourself? How did you establish your love and career in design?

Robinson: My mother was an interior designer, and I established my career in our family’s interior design business and have been surrounded by beautiful interiors my whole life. I’ve happily inherited my mum’s obsession.

Can you share how Cachet came about?

Cachet was born out of a desire to create an in-house furniture range for our property styling business, Cooper Robinson. We wanted to extend our creativity and know-how to create a full range of furnishings that work together perfectly, one that consumers could easily coordinate and put together with ease and confidence.

Heide Sunday Armchair with the Greta Ottoman.

How does Cachet take the guesswork out of putting together a room?

Our website has been beautifully designed with a built-in Digital Stylist to assist people with their selections.

The collections are produced in small batches, with styles and fabrics designed to work together effortlessly.

What materials can you expect to see on Cachet?

You will find luxury marble finishes, brushed gold and gunmetal metallics and textured, high-quality furnishing fabrics, unique to Cachet details.

Marmont Frank Armchair.

There are three collections – Heide, Marmont, and Steer. Can you describe what each encapsulates?

The Heide art movement inspired the Heide Collection. It captures a uniquely artistic feeling with a modern edge. Sculptural elements, curved forms and directional fabrics are key elements.

Marmont is a homage to the understated glamour of Los Angeles’ Chateau Marmont. We focused on chic pieces that you’ll want to show off at your next cocktail party.

Steer is your go-to for everyday Australian living. Furniture that could withstand a family, dogs, kids and life in general while still elevating a space and adding a layer of unmistakable style.

Steer Winton Sofa.

Cachet releases regular collections in low volumes. Can you share why this is the case?

Offering small-batch collections means we can keep pieces unique to the buyer. Each range works together and, once sold, makes space for the next exciting drop. We are also conscious of the environmental impact of overproduction and waste.

You have an extensive background in property styling. How does this influence your design and brand identity?

I’m confident about spaces and what they need. You know what most homes need when you have styled as many properties as I have; it’s pretty simple to me. Clean, pared-back designs with punch are what I want to see and use myself when styling.

Our brand is about designs that mix well with other pieces to create harmonious spaces. Spaces that speak to the well-home movement- we want to create homes that feel like a haven.

Heide Side Table.

How do you want people to feel when they have Cachet items in their space?

I want people to feel happy, relaxed and considered in their choices. To me, it’s essential that people have pieces in their homes they feel are exceptional and belong to their sense of style.

What’s next? Can you talk about some upcoming collections to keep an eye on?

We launched with living spaces and are currently working away on our dining and bedroom collections. You’ll see gorgeous dining chairs, tables, bedheads, bedside tables, and another collab with one of our favourites, Bemboka, with a luxurious bed linen range.

Photographs courtesy of Cachet. Lead image of Heide Tucker Armchair.

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